Diamond Jewellery Lines

Diamond Jewellery Lines

We appreciate it can be somewhat overwhelming to shop for precious-stone jewellery. Just like choosing a car, the options are astounding, the choice bewildering. No, we do not have a magic solution on how to simplify the process. But we do know a thing or two about jewellery and stones, and what we know we will share with you to help you make the best possible decision.

Having a fair idea of what you’re looking for will help. But even if you have not reached that stage yet we will gladly try out on you as many pieces as you like and discuss their suitability openly and honestly with you until we see a broad smile on your face. In the meantime, especially if you’re aiming for a jewellery piece centred around diamonds, do read through the section What to look for when buying your diamond in our Certified Diamonds section. A bit of knowledge can go a long way in rendering your choice easier. When it comes to coloured precious stones, one simple thumb rule is to look for hue, saturation and tone – the most desired gemstones are free from gray or brown hues, are of medium tone (not too dark, not too dull), and have normal saturation, since excessive saturation can make them look artificial or synthetic.

And if you’re planning to surprise someone, remember, there is nothing more wonderful than receiving precious gemstone jewellery as a gift! Watching your loved one’s eyes light up from the sparkle of a piece of diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald jewellery warms their heart and yours. No other gift shows your love the way beautiful gemstones set in precious metal does. It’s a gift that will last a lifetime and be passed down through your family line. The feeling is priceless.

We invite you to browse through the selection we have prepared for you here, which is mainly in 18ct gold and is by no means comprehensive. The lines presented are meant as tasters, to open up your dialogue, as it were. Our lines are continuously changing and there is, obviously, nothing like trying jewellery on you to get the best feel of it. Also note we will gladly quote for custom-made pieces to your specifications. What we manufacture comes with our guarantee of some of the best craftsmanship the island has to offer. We operate a no-obligation policy in our showrooms and we do not charge for our time! So visit one of our branches, take your time there and let us try to spoil you. We know it’s the most promising way for us to earn your business, so we do it with heart. If we don’t manage to win you over, no worries, maybe next time…

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