Wedding & Eternity Rings Collections:

The line between Wedding Bands and Eternity Rings, even Engagement rings in certain cases, is now finer than ever. So are the traditional concepts of His and Hers…many styles of bands today are unisex. Whatever norms remain are merely guidelines, to be broken at will by personal preferences and life-styles.

But do not feel overwhelmed by the bewildering choice. Once you’ve seen a fair amount of styles, even some that may surprise if not outright puzzle you, you will normally gyrate towards something that fits well with your characters and situations as individuals and as a couple. Shopping together for a pair of wedding rings, rather than singly, will not only enhance the enjoyment but will also allow you to harmoniously match your rings…and get better prices in the process.

Matching your engagement ring, your eternity ring, and your wedding band is one further addition to your options. Classic wedding bands, diamond wedding bands, plain wedding bands, patterned wedding bands, eternity rings that look like wedding bands, wedding bands that look like eternity rings, complimentary sets that harmonize the E.W.E (Engagement, Wedding, Eternity rings) or any combination of it (Engagement & Wedding, Wedding & Eternity, Engagement & Eternity), the list is endless. Any attempt at grouping the styles is an almost arbitrary, if not futile, exercise. In combination with our Engagement Rings collection you can form your own combination – the examples we present here are merely that, just examples. Forming your own rings trio, duo or solo is a process, a road to walk together, to be enjoyed and cherished over time…

Whatever your choice, whether it be a simple gold band or a more ornate diamond one, you will find something that is close to your particular tastes and wishes. And if not, please know that we are able to produce custom pieces designed entirely to your specific requirements, probably at prices much lower than what you would have imagined. Our excellent value-for-money tradition extends to custom orders as well.

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